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Styles of Hearing Aids

We are an independent clinic and are therefore not tied to a specific manufacturer. Our Audiologists can recommend the style that will work best for you, taking into account your lifestyle and budget. We provide you with the information you require to make an informed choice.

RIE Hearing Aids

Receiver in the Ear (RIE or RICs)

These are currently the most popular style of hearing aid. They have a small part which sits behind the ear attached to a small wire leading to a receiver that fits into the ear canal. They are available with batteries or can be rechargeable.

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Behind the Ear (BTE)

These are a more traditional style of hearing aid. They sit behind the ear and have a length of thin tubing which carries amplified sound down into the ear canal. They are usually secured in the ear with a custom-made mould. They are available with batteries or can be rechargeable.

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Custom Made (ITE/ITC/CIC)

These come in various sizes and an impression is taken of your ear so they are custom fit for you. Because they are smaller, there can be a reduction in the features available. This can be discussed with your Audiologist. They are available with batteries or can be rechargeable.

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Generic completely-in-the-canal (CIC)

Generic CIC hearing aids are now also available. These do not suit all ear canals and all hearing losses however they are very discreet hearing aids.


Current hearing aids are often able to connect to accessories which provide an extra bit of help in certain listening situations.

TV streamers: these connect your television directly to your hearing aids allowing you to hear the TV more clearly without affecting the sound for anyone else.

Remote microphone: these enable you to hear a speaker directly into your hearing aids and help in difficult listening situations.

Mobile phone connection: many mobile phones can now connect directly to hearing aids. This means you can hear phone calls in both ears without using the speaker function. You can also stream your favourite podcast or music into your hearing aids.

How Hearing aids help

  • By selectively amplifying the frequencies that you are missing out on.
  • By helping you to hear speech more clearly with and without the presence of background noise.
  • By having multiple sound settings for different hearing situations.

What they cannot do

  • They can’t give you completely normal hearing.
  • They can’t make loud noises softer.
  • They don’t enable you to hear in situations where a normally hearing person can’t hear.
  • By improving auditory (sound) input to reduce everyday listening effort and improve long-term mental health outcomes.

Hearing aids purchased through Bellarine Hearing and Surf Coast Hearing Clinic include:

  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Reprogramming at no charge for the first 6 months.
  • We provide a complimentary hearing aid cleaning and checking service. The key to reliability in a hearing aid is regular cleaning and checking for deterioration of tubing and filters.